Home for sale

Direction 470 Layton Way, Brentwood, California, where this sublime and very typical house includes no less than two Home Cinemas.Selling price of this property: 77.5 million dollars.

Keep your sights wide open because this exclusive house from an exclusive home has never been shown or even photographed before it was recently put up for sale .

Luxury Home Cinema

Nestled on 2 hectares of exotic greenery, this 2,500 m2 haciendo-baroque house boasts the most beautiful projection room in town.From the pictures, you would think so, not to mention the other TV room, which seems to be more for television and video games.We've never seen anything like this before.Finding a destination for each piece was a real dilemma.

You pass by the gym with wet and dry sauna, the bathrooms all in red and brown marble, the circular atrium with double entrance, the swimming pool with its travertine columns, the library, the library with its large collection of books, the library with its bookshelves and the library with its bookshelves.that, the office, the playrooms (one for adults, one for children), the heated outdoor dining room, the jacuzzi, the two master bedrooms, the dressing rooms, the "small" living room, the three other bedrooms and their private bathrooms, and so on.A plunge into the upper end of the spectrum, the stratosphere itself...